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Digital Marketing Services

Create seamless, omnichannel, and gratifying customer experiences

We are in the era of instant gratification, and making marketing matter means delivering the right message at the right place, and at the first go. But with the growing complexity of customer’s cross-channel behaviour, isolating and influencing the moments-of-truth during the journey is not an easy task. Digital marketing not only addresses these issues, but also enables organizations to bridge the divide between what customers expect and what they get.

Zensciences is changing the way organizations leverage digital marketing services to engage customers. Our approach is rooted in a simple truth – done right, benefits to the customers translate into benefits for the company as well. Implementing successful digital personalization at scale, we help you identify customer needs and intentions and convert them into effective digital marketing methodologies.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Discover how we are helping our clients create exceptional customer experiences.

Digital Strategy Services

Prioritizing and aligning marketing objectives

For a global technology company focused on digital transformation the challenge was to break the clutter in this rapidly evolving and crowded space. Zen engaged with the client across multiple projects to streamline all the digital marketing activities, create a unique brand identity, and promote products via highly targeted campaigns.



Enabling data driven decision making

Helped a digital payments solution provider leverage Digital Marketing Services & analytics to take digital sales capabilities to the next level. Zen adopted an iterative approach of targeting and optimizing marketing campaigns based on earlier responses across different persona categories which brought down the cost of acquisition by 90%.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Making discovery easier

Helped a $2 Billion Non-Banking Financial Company lead the search results in highly competitive B2C financial services market and increase website traffic by 2X in just 3 months.

Social Media Strategy and Management

Increasing reach and brand recognition

Helped a leading retail tech company improve employee morale and increase engagement on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) with targeted online campaigns and in-house interactive activities; increasing reach and follower base on all channels substantially over a period of just two months.

Product/ Service Launch

Grab the market share

Helped a technology innovator in water filtration systems design and develop the brand from scratch, create a viable digital and marketplaces go-to-market strategy, and formulate website buying journeys to maximize conversions.


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